Do you want to create copies of your car key for yourself, your spouse, or another family member? Perhaps you purchased a used vehicle with only one key that came with it. To stay prepared and make sure that you always have a backup, we have all the required car key duplication systems and tools for any type of key, as well as the ability to program your car keys that require programming.

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Car Key Duplication & Programming Services

How Can I Get a Duplicate Key for My Car?

Easy! An auto locksmith can get you a duplicate key for your car very fast and much cheaper than your manufacturer or dealer. Most car locksmiths are able to duplicate the key right on the spot in a matter of minutes. At Red Rocks Locksmith, we can work with all models and makes. If you are want to get a quote or simply learn how much it costs, give us a call. Make sure to have your VIN number as well as make, model, and year of your vehicle ready before calling. This can help us to give you a more accurate quote.

Can I Program a Car Key Myself?

Yes and No. You may be able to program car keys yourself for some older model vehicles. However, newer cars mostly have more advanced keys which are more complicated to program in order to prevent auto theft. Either way, even if you try to program your car key yourself, please be aware of the risks. Because, you might be risking your car’s security or you might end up messing the programming and electronic system of your vehicle. This can cost you more than to get a licensed automative locksmith to program it for you.

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