If you lost your car keys and don’t want to spend weeks waiting for a manufacturer replacement, Red Rocks Locksmith is able to provide you immediate relief with fast and affordable car key replacement services so you can get on the road again. We are fully capable of working with all makes, models, and years of vehicles regardless if your key has a smart chip built into it or not. Need help?

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Car Key?

Car key replacement cost might vary depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. It also changes based on where you get it done. For example, key replacement and programming through a dealer might might cost around $300 or more. On the other hand, for sure you will find cheaper replacement keys online such as Amazon or places like Walmart. However, most of the time those cheap keys won’t work or you won’t be able to program them. Cheap and low quality keys always come with a cost and risk although you might get lucky as well too. If you prefer a safe way to replace them more affordably and faster than dealers, give us a call to get a quote.

Can I Get a Car Key Made without the Original?

Yes, you can get a key made without the original. Your first option is your dealer which may not be very budget friendly and can take time. Second option is to check with an auto locksmith. An experienced locksmith can replace your key without the original and cheaper than your dealer. However, keep in mind that you will need to prove ownership of the car, provide year, make and model info as well as the VIN (vehicle identification number) for the locksmith to be able to work on it.

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